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Monthly Archives: April 2017

Tiering Up

I found this top and had to have it. I love the interest that the asymmetrical tiers add to what could be just another top and the cotton knit fabric is so soft you may want to live in it. It is offered in five other colors or prints but I loved the effect of the horizontal stripes with the asymmetry of the tiers. I have also styled it with crop jeans and tennis shoes and dressed it up a little with white jeans. To accessorize this look, I wore my favorite pair of distressed uneven hem jeans and my very comfortable wedge espadrilles. I usually do not wear heels (no matter how low) when doing a lot of walking, but wore these on a recent shopping trip and they were great. As usual, had to have a bracelet stack. Loved the look of silver with the olive in the top and added a bit of color with the bright red earrings. My everyday watch is a must…I still love a watch over my phone for telling time. I really encourage you to check out this tiered top…the combination of style, comfort and great quality make it a winner!


What’s in Our Bathrooms…Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer

This is definitely a splurge but we are in love with the Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer.  Our hair dries smoother and faster since we have been using it.  Hair also looks good the next morning after having used it the day before.  We really can’t say enough about this blow dryer.  It is, to put it simply, the best we have ever used and between the two of us, that is saying something!


What’s In Our Bathrooms…Hair Rollers

Don’t laugh…we’ve gone retro. We have rediscovered hair rollers and our hair is the better for it. Gone is the daily stress we were putting on our hair with various heating tools. Don’t get us wrong…we still use flatirons and curling irons, but not everyday. Our hair is much healthier and shiny. The thermal rollers work well with wet hair and a hair dryer. The others can be used on wet or dry hair. Most often we use the rollers after we have dried our hair. The brand shown is Hot Tools but there are other really good brands. Go retro and give them a try…sometimes the old way is still a great option!

What’s In Our Bathrooms…Paul Mitchell Ultimate Color Repair

Paul Mitchell Ultimate Color Repair Shampoo & Conditioner have found their way into our bathrooms and are definitely staying! Aging issues such as hormonal levels have affected the sustainability of our hair color. This duo has changed that. A major ingredient in both products is quinoa, which helps to lock in the color. Most days we would rather put quinoa on our hair than in our diet….are you with us? The shampoo is sulfate-free so it is very gentle. If you add color to your hair, give these products a try.

What’s in Our Bathrooms…Harry’s

Okay, so these are advertised as men’s products but, being the rebels that we are,  we paid no attention to that.  Both of our husbands use Harry’s razors and love them so we gave them a try too.  Now we absolutely love them and have found we need to shave less often! We might (probably do) use the shave gel as well. Their daily face wash is a winner too.  Used a few times a week it is a great exfoliant! These great Harry’s products can be delivered straight to your door or purchased at Target and at a much better price than what you are probably using now!

What’s in Our Bathrooms…Kiehl’s Body Wash and Body Scrub


Welcome to Day 3 of What’s In Our Bathrooms…and today we want to talk about two of Kiehl’s products. We love the Bath and Shower Liquid Body Cleanser. This is a product that gets used everyday. It leaves the body feeling clean and moisturized. The Gently Exfoliating Body Scrub is used a few times a week and makes our skin feel so smooth. All the scents are really great but our two favorites are Coriander and Lavender. The Coriander makes us feel happy and the Lavender relaxes us. Therefore, both scents have found a home in our bathrooms.

What’s in Our Bathrooms…Batiste Dry Shampoo


For those days when washing and styling your hair requires more energy than you are willing to exert (and let’s face it, we’ve all been there), a dry shampoo is a great alternative. We love Batiste Dry Shampoo. We have both tried more expensive and well known brands, but this is by far the best! It comes in a number of fragrances that smell delicious. There is also a color line (Brilliant Blonde, Beautiful Brunette and Divine Dark) that will blend seamlessly with your hair color. The best thing about Batiste is the price (under $10) and available at most drug stores. Click on the link to their website for a list of stores. Give it a try…we don’t think you will be disappointed!

What’s In Our Bathrooms…Aveda Foot Relief

Today we are beginning a weeklong blog posting to show a few absolute musts in our own bathrooms. The first product is Aveda Foot Relief. Due to the fact that we live in Texas, our feet are in sandals most of the year. This rich moisturizing crème gives immediate relief to dry feet, especially the heels. We like to apply and cover our feet with socks to get maximum results. Used over a period of time, we promise you will see a difference. We also like that Aveda is a very environmentally minded company and does not use animal testing in their research. We have provided a direct link to this product on Aveda’s official website but you can also find this product at Aveda stores and salons.