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Daily Archives: May 16, 2017

Sucking Up for Forgiveness…

You may have noticed (or at least we hope you have) we haven’t been on our game lately. Additions to the blog have been neglected and Instagram posts have been sporadic at best. So, we are here to be humble, grovel and ask your forgiveness.

As you all know, life happens and this month, it happened with a vengeance. It began with the illness and passing of Alison’s dear mother-in-law, Dot. For a month, Alison spent her time in Knoxville to be with her. Her only trip home during that time was to attend the funeral of her son’s childhood friend. There was a short reprieve as we both attended our biennial cousin’s reunion in Flagler Beach FL. Upon our return to our beloved Texas, Alison’s body finally said “Enough!”. Tracy has been dealing with some family issues that definitely pale in comparison, but you can feel sorry for her too.

Today is our first day back at work, albeit a short work day. No makeup, comfy attire and Alison’s cough medicine close by. We are back full force and ready to continue our blogging journey. We hope you are ready to join with us on this adventure.

We did not decide to post this in order to make you sad or to make excuses. We just want to express that as new bloggers, we were not prepared for the onslaught of things that life can throw at you. Things have been learned, shortcomings acknowledged and now NOTYOURMOMS50.COM will be better than ever.

xoxo Alison & Tracy