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Shorts…To Wear Or Not To Wear

Another one of those pesky over 50 dilemmas…shorts.  Some question the length while some question if they should wear them at all.  The answer to the shorts questions for us is that we wear shorts that we feel comfortable in.  While we don’t go too short we love wearing them during the hot summers in Texas.  They add another option to our hot weather wardrobes.

Tracy paired a sleeveless ruffle top with a pink short which is perfect for casual dinners on a patio or poolside.  The shorts have a six inch inseam which makes them a perfect length. An adorable rattan clutch is carried. Bracelets (here, here and similar) and earrings along with sunnies (similar here) and gold slip on sandals complete this warm weather look.

Alison paired a cami (similar here) and cardigan (similar here) with these fabulous cargo shorts.  They can be worn rolled or unrolled so they can be a length that almost everyone is comfortable with.  This look is perfect for going out to a movie or a very casual dinner since movie theaters and restaurants can sometimes be kind of chilly during the summer months. Finishing the look are sunnies, cute tassel sandals (similar here), necklaces (similar here and here), bracelets (similar here) and earrings (similar here)…plus, Alison’s favorite tote to carry essentials plus the cardigan if it gets too warm!

Great Minds…

They say great minds think alike. In our case, we don’t know if great really applies, but our minds often go in the same direction. In this case, unknown to the other, we both ordered this dress around the same time.

Could we be any cuter??? We both fell in love with this great summer dress, but chose the two different color options offered. However, according to the website, coral is the only option now available but you can sign up to be notified when the pink is back in stock. Not only is this dress fun, it’s price ($44) is fantastic! And to be even cuter, we styled it with matching shoes and gold accessories (Bracelets: here, here, here, here and similar here. Earrings: here and here. Sunnies: here and here). We do want to make this perfectly clear…although we love each other and each other’s style, we NEVER dress alike out in public!!!

When we decided to post our dual purchase of this dress, we thought it would be a great opportunity to segue into one of our favorite things…sisters. We are the middle and youngest of three girls (our father said he really wanted girls and our mother complied) and are lucky to all live in the same area and spend a lot of time together.

A little background…our mother always said she had three only children. When Cindy (the oldest) was beginning her freshman year of college, Alison (the baby) was entering kindergarten. Tracy (the often forgotten middle child) was in middle school. And as Tracy is typing this, Alison is rolling her eyes and trying to keep her lunch down. We were very blessed to have been born into a very happy home with the best parents ever!

Growing up, it was difficult for the three of us to have close relationships. With that much age difference, we were all in a different stage with almost no commonalities. What seemed to really unite us was the birth of our older sister’s first son. Now that we have all had children, we excel at being aunts. Following the lead of our parents, aunts and uncles, we value the role of extended family.

But when push comes to shove, each of us first turns to the other two. Sisters before friends. We cherish our shared history, unconditional love and mutual interest in really good wine. (We had to get that in there at some point!!!) Sisterhood is not work, it just is. Value those relationships cause there’s nothing like a sister.

A quick disclaimer before the pictures below: Please don’t judge our fashion choices…it was the 80’s!!!

And our taste in wine and champagne has improved!

Why You Should Never Discount Target…Volume 2

Some things just cannot be communicated in one post. Why you should never discount Target is one of them. We love trendy fashion and we love a bargain so Target is the perfect retailer for us. And if you are attempting to see how many chambray items your closet can hold, today is your lucky day!

This chambray dress is close to perfect! Sleeveless, lightweight and flattering, it is suitable for almost any occasion. I love it styled here with my favorite Target slip on sandals, but I am also looking forward to dressing it up with some wedges. The bag can work on the shoulder or as a cross body. We think chambray calls for silver accessories, so just add hoop earrings and a few bracelets (similar at Target here). Sunglasses (similar at Target here) are a must on Texas summer days. Like we said…close to perfect!

Here’s another way to do chambray. It’s hard to find a better summer look than a chambray top and white jeans (similar at Target here). Add an off the shoulder detail to the top and you have combined one of this season’s hottest looks with a classic. I love adding a pair of really high heels to make legs look long and slender. (Of course, beer and wine limited to one drink!) Again, silver accessories (similar at Target here and here) and shades finish off the outfit, but add a colorful earring (similar at Target here) for some fun.

Who doesn’t love a summer maxi??? This one is offered in various prints and is a great summer option for a party or dinner out. I went very casual and chose black flip flops (similar at Target here) but a dressy flat sandal, heel or wedge would also look great. I love wearing a hat (similar at Target here) and thought adding one to this outfit was a great idea. A few gold bracelets (similar at Target here and here), hoop earrings, a long necklace (similar at Target here) and mandatory sunglasses (similar at Target here) complete the look. And don’t you love the tie in the back?!!!

Alison found this gem at Target and Tracy is definitely borrowing it!!! Not sure we really need to verbally describe this dress because the picture says it all. It looks great with these high block heels (Again…watch the consumption of adult beverages!) but any footwear choice, including sandals, flip flops or tennis shoes would work. The accessories (similar at Target here, here, and here) all look great, but we are especially fond of those fabulous earrings. Rumor has it, Alison has them in every color offered. And last but not least…summer so sunnies!

We are now ready for uber comfort. We know you have heard it before, but Texas is really hot. So outdoor patio outfits (thank goodness for misters) need to be comfy and cool. Chinos (similar at Target here) are a great alternative when the sun and my legs have not had much of a chance to bond. Due to the black and cream color of this striped tank, any color pant or short will look great. During the summer, it is a pretty good bet that my feet are in either tennis shoes (similar at Target here) or flip flops. Bracelets (similar at Target here and here), hoop earrings, watch (similar at Target here), sunglasses (similar at Target here) and messy ponytail are my standard to finish a look.

Surprise…more chambray! If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. This cami is perfect for those hot summer days paired with shorts, jeans, chinos or a skirt. And if you don’t already own a long cuffed white denim short, get in your car and head to Target right now! And pick up a pair of these slip on sandals while you are there!!! Get yourself some sunnies (similar at Target here), a few bracelets (similar at Target here and here), hoop earrings (similar at Target here) and a watch (similar at Target here) and you are patio ready.

Why You Should Never Discount Target…Volume 1

You learn a lot when you begin blogging…styles you love, what looks good and what retailers offer. We have always been fans, but starting this blog has increased our appreciation for Target. Fashion lines offered range from trendy to traditional, and at prices that any shopper can appreciate. We want to show some styles currently available. These looks vary from totally Target to items mixed with other lines from our closets.

It’s party time!!! This dress is fun and appropriate for so many different occasions combining two of the biggest trends this summer…embroidery and tassels. For a less “party” look, the shoulders can be positioned up. Not much is needed to accessorize. The dress stands on its own. We like the look of gold hoop earrings and a few bracelets (similar at Target here and here). A pair of our “Absolute Must” sandals finish it off (similar at Target here).

Cool comfort at its best!!! This piece from Target is the perfect summer top for shorts, jeans or a skirt. Our favorite is to pair it with a chambray short (similar at Target here and here) which is a summer wardrobe must. We’re sure you have seen these sandals all over town. They are offered in several color varieties and could not be more comfortable. Accessories include Sugarfix by BaubleBar earrings from Target and several bracelets (similar at Target here, here and here). Down here in Texas, sunnies (similar at Target here) are a must!

It’s hard to get away from stripes and tassels…but why would you?!!! They are so on trend. Worn here  with white frayed hem jeans (similar at Target here) and black and white strap sandals make this outfit a go anywhere winner. Bummed because this top was just purchased a few days ago and is already sold out. Linking a blouse from the same collection in the same stripe and another top with the same feel that we featured on instagram a little while back. To accessorize, Alison has added a Target silver cuff to her usual stack of chain bracelet (similar at Target here) and watch (similar at Target here). We will also provide the link to her earrings….darn hair!!!

These paint splatter jeans are the closest Tracy will get to DIY. We think they are fab! The olive color works really well with the black ruffle top. This blouse has sold out but here is one that would look great as well! The shoes (an earlier purchase from Target) go perfectly with the outfit. Chose large teardrop earrings (similar at Target here), a few wire bangle bracelets (similar at Target here)  and a watch (similar at Target here) to compliment this casual wear anywhere outfit…summer perfection!!!

Could this dress be more feminine? Soft and flowy, cool and comfortable…it has it all! We have paired a brown slip on sandal that brings out a small brown detail on the dress which may not be apparent in the photo, but trust us…it’s there. Gold cuff bracelets (similar at Target here and here) and big hoop earrings and you are done!

We love Knox Rose, the new boho inspired line offered by Target. A wide variety of items are available, so if boho is your thing be sure to check it out. Love love love this light dress. The embroidery and tie dye detail make this dress a standout! Those sandals are back because they go with everything! Added a chain bracelet (similar at Target here), watch (similar at Target here) and some great hoop earrings with bead detail. Add my shades (similar at Target here), and I feel fabulous!!!


Texas Summers Mean Tanks, Tees & Tea

As residents of a southern state, summer means one thing…HEAT!!! In order to survive, we resort to wardrobe staples that any Texas woman should own in multiple choices. With increasing temperatures, jeans can be replaced with your favorite shorts or skirts. Cool, comfortable shirts in a loose fit paired with jeans and shorts make up our summer wardrobe. Below are a few of our summer outfit suggestions to keep your cool in the heat.

To use a summer phrase…this one knocks it out of the park! This beautiful coral tank is light and feminine, so a perfect choice to stay cool and show off a tan. (A tan that as of right now is still in the works!!!) The jeans are trendy and fun, but more importantly, loose for a cooler fit. The earrings add that pop of color to compliment the color of the tank. The bracelets (here, here, here and here) and watch provide a little sparkle.  Sunglasses are a must to help with the Texas sun. Add the go to sandals and fun tote and it’s a home run!

This outfit proves that sometimes all you need is a print tee and jeans. We love this bright yellow tee with a white floral detail. Due to the interest in the print, this tee almost doubles as an accessory. Let’s face facts…white jeans are always a great look. The sandals are simple and comfortable. Earrings (similar), bracelets, watch, sunnies and my favorite bag complete the look.

Embroidery and navy are big this year, so this top is a winner. Loose and flattering combined with two huge trends….what more could you ask for? As we have already pointed out, white jeans (similar) are always a great bet. We love Birkenstocks! They are great for days filled with errands, a ballgame (watching our beloved Texas Rangers) or any activity where you are on your feet. You know we love to accessorize, so a watch and bracelets (here and here) are a must. A classic bag and shades are also mandatory.

This is cool comfort at it’s best. Maybe we are still little girls at heart, because we love the pale pink of these frayed hem jeans. This easy breezy mixed media (knit to woven) top is beyond comfortable. We wish it was available in many more colors. (It is available in black in addition to the white) Great price point flip flops (that are available in quite a few colors and patterns) are lightweight and comfy. Big hoop earrings (similar) never go out of style. Add bracelets (here and here), watch and a functional tote and you are good to go. Wait….don’t forget the sunglasses!!!

This is one instance where an antelope and a snake actually get along. So, for this outfit we are starting at the bottom and working our way up. These shoes are fabulous, as is this often seen tote. During summer, hard to beat a slip on sandal and a bag that will hold all you need including sunscreen and bottled water. The white tank and jeans are a basic summer outfit…easy, cool and flattering. Add the accessories (bracelets (here, here, here and here), watch, necklace, earrings and sunnies) and you are done!

During the heat of summer, wish a cold shoulder tee actually delivered on its name. Oh well, at least it looks cute. We love this light wash distressed jean with a frayed hem. The gladiator sandals are so much fun….really popular this year. By now, you know the drill…add the necklace (similar), watch, earrings and bracelets (here, here and similar) so you shine. The bag is my favorite and the classic shades finish the look.

A hot summer day in Texas is hardly complete without iced tea. We love the iced green tea at Starbucks. Green tea is full of antioxidants and (on a personal level) reminds us of our time in Japan when we were young. Although we are southern, we opt for the unsweet version. Stay cool xoxo

Happy, Not Sad

As you may know, Alison lost her dear mother-in-law last month. We are now both members of a club no one wants to join…orphaned adults. We are not posting about this subject to be “Debbie Downers”. Unfortunately, at this stage of our lives (the dreaded over 50 demographic), this is a reality. We more want to share how we felt and have been affected by something that is inevitable.

We lost our extremely funny and devoted father almost 27 years ago. He died at the age of 66, which I think we can all agree is way too young. Our beautiful mother passed in 2009 at the age of 82. Tracy’s in-laws passed in 1992 and 2006. Alison’s father-in-law passed in 2003. All are still missed everyday.

We are now in the role of family matriarchs, and this opens up so many new opportunities for us. We are preserving old traditions and starting new ones of our own. We have chosen to embrace the role as we feel our mothers have trained us. Our four children were very close to their grandparents, looking to them for love, guidance and security. It was so reassuring to know our children had a safe place other than their own home. Neither of us has been blessed with grandchildren but we pray the future holds that role for both of us. If it does, we also pray we will be to our grandchildren what our mothers were to our children.

We just want to honor our parents for the life they gave us and the blessing of the parents we gained through marriage. We choose to be happy, not sad. We had them in our lives, we were influenced by their values and we were shown love by them everyday.




Our parents, Madge & Woody….the cutest couple ever!!!

Alison’s in-laws…Brent & Dot

Tracy’s in-laws Wes & Bertie