Happy, Not Sad

As you may know, Alison lost her dear mother-in-law last month. We are now both members of a club no one wants to join…orphaned adults. We are not posting about this subject to be “Debbie Downers”. Unfortunately, at this stage of our lives (the dreaded over 50 demographic), this is a reality. We more want to share how we felt and have been affected by something that is inevitable.

We lost our extremely funny and devoted father almost 27 years ago. He died at the age of 66, which I think we can all agree is way too young. Our beautiful mother passed in 2009 at the age of 82. Tracy’s in-laws passed in 1992 and 2006. Alison’s father-in-law passed in 2003. All are still missed everyday.

We are now in the role of family matriarchs, and this opens up so many new opportunities for us. We are preserving old traditions and starting new ones of our own. We have chosen to embrace the role as we feel our mothers have trained us. Our four children were very close to their grandparents, looking to them for love, guidance and security. It was so reassuring to know our children had a safe place other than their own home. Neither of us has been blessed with grandchildren but we pray the future holds that role for both of us. If it does, we also pray we will be to our grandchildren what our mothers were to our children.

We just want to honor our parents for the life they gave us and the blessing of the parents we gained through marriage. We choose to be happy, not sad. We had them in our lives, we were influenced by their values and we were shown love by them everyday.




Our parents, Madge & Woody….the cutest couple ever!!!

Alison’s in-laws…Brent & Dot

Tracy’s in-laws Wes & Bertie


  1. Charlotte Alger | 5th Jun 17

    So difficult to lose our parents. Truly is part of our second act, when you realize you are the oldest generation and choose to or not maintain traditions.

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