Shorts…To Wear Or Not To Wear

Another one of those pesky over 50 dilemmas…shorts.  Some question the length while some question if they should wear them at all.  The answer to the shorts questions for us is that we wear shorts that we feel comfortable in.  While we don’t go too short we love wearing them during the hot summers in Texas.  They add another option to our hot weather wardrobes.

Tracy paired a sleeveless ruffle top with a pink short which is perfect for casual dinners on a patio or poolside.  The shorts have a six inch inseam which makes them a perfect length. An adorable rattan clutch is carried. Bracelets (here, here and similar) and earrings along with sunnies (similar here) and gold slip on sandals complete this warm weather look.

Alison paired a cami (similar here) and cardigan (similar here) with these fabulous cargo shorts.  They can be worn rolled or unrolled so they can be a length that almost everyone is comfortable with.  This look is perfect for going out to a movie or a very casual dinner since movie theaters and restaurants can sometimes be kind of chilly during the summer months. Finishing the look are sunnies, cute tassel sandals (similar here), necklaces (similar here and here), bracelets (similar here) and earrings (similar here)…plus, Alison’s favorite tote to carry essentials plus the cardigan if it gets too warm!


  1. Jaymie Ashcraft | 27th Jun 17

    Great looks!!

    • NYM50 | 27th Jun 17

      Thank you, Jaymie! So glad you visited our site!

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