The Katy Trail Khronicles

If you have been following our blog (and we really hope you have) you may have noticed quite a few pictures from the same location…Katy Trail Outpost. This bar/restaurant is located in the north Dallas suburb of Plano, which is also the home of Lovely Alison. We wanted to utilize a blog post to help you understand why this place is one of our favorites.

First…The Food

Starting with the appetizers, we love the Loaded Cheese Fries. These are an indulgence and well worth it! Don’t even think about the calorie content….just enjoy the experience. The Steak House Onion Rings are massive circles of heaven. Another indulgence, but you only live once. And of course, Loaded Chips & Queso are a must on the menu of any respectable Texas inspired food establishment.

If you want a really great salad or burger, this is the place to be! We absolutely love the salads offered. FYI…request salads served in a tin instead of on a plate. These salads are huge!!! Our personal favorites are the Outpost Chop Salad and the Chicken Caesar. Tracy considers herself a Caesar Salad connoisseur and this one rates high on her list. The burgers are just really really good….enough said.

Last but not least…the barbecue. Different states in this great country profess their barbecue to be the best, and Texas is no different. When you drive up to the Outpost, you will notice the huge meat smoker. The barbecue menu offerings are standard, but why mess with perfection? It is only served Thursday thru Sunday until gone, so don’t procrastinate. Some days, supply can run out sooner rather than later.

BTW….sorry we have not posted any pictures of food. When they set it in front of us, we immediately chow down.

Second…The Beer

Don’t know that we really need to elaborate much on this. If you are not a beer lover, nothing we say could entice you. If you are a beer lover, all we have to say is variety and really cold. Could it get any better than that?

Third…The Atmosphere

This is a fun place! The seating options are in the bar, booths, 4-6 top tables and community tables in the main dining area. There are multiple televisions usually tuned to sports, and in Texas, we love our sports! Seating is open, so you choose. But choose wisely, once you are there, you may not want to leave for a while. The outdoor space is large, fun, colorful and pet-friendly. Want to have a beer with your pup, this is your place. Due to Texas weather (which can be really crazy) there are misters during the hot months and heaters during the cold. Texas music is a constant, but not too loud to make conversation difficult.

Fourth…Great Work Environment

The combination of all of the above and free wi-fi make this a relaxing work spot. Yes…we said relaxing. When we choose to get out of the house and move to a different work environment, Katy Trail is the perfect option. We hijack a space for an extended period, but are never made to feel rushed. Service is always attentive but not annoying. They seem to train the servers well…it’s a fun, relaxed place to be.

So, if you are one of the lucky and live in the Dallas area, check out Katy Trail Outpost in Plano or the original Katy Trail Ice House in Dallas. Well worth it and tell them sent you!


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