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Tracy Loves Tatcha

As a woman who celebrated her 60th birthday this year, it’s no surprise that one of my obsessions is great skin care. I suffer from the usual issues…lines, wrinkles, dullness, loss of firmness and large pores. If this list gets any longer, I may remove all mirrors from my home. Added to this, I suffer from very sensitive skin. This sensitivity adds a difficult component to my skin care equation. Adverse reactions from products are common (sometimes after using for an extended period) which necessitates the need to change products frequently.

Another obsession of mine is Japan. Alison and I had the privilege of living there in the 70’s when our father’s employer asked him to oversee their first international market. Japan is a beautiful enigma…a combination of bustle and stillness, loud and quiet, hard and soft. It holds a special place in my heart so it is only natural that I am attracted to products coming out of Japan. That is how I discovered Tatcha. Created by Victoria Tsai, it is a combination of ancient Japanese geisha beauty secrets and the modern ease expected by US consumers.


I have been using Tatcha for several months and love it! At this point, I am using the essentials and have not introduced any extra products into my routine. With sensitive skin, you take it slow. I am hoping to ease in the eye and face serums soon. The products I am using are formulated for sensitive aging skin, but there are products for all skin types.

Step One: One Step Camellia Cleansing Oil

Used at night, this product removes all impurities and makeup (including waterproof mascara) easily while hydrating the skin. Due to my sensitivity, I have never found an eye makeup remover that does not dry out my eyelids, resulting in flaking and puffiness. Therefore, I need a makeup remover that is gentle enough for my whole face.

Step Two: Soothing Rice Enzyme Powder

This water activated creamy exfoliant is used after cleansing at night and as the first step in the morning. This product gently cleanses, exfoliates and soothes skin. After using, my skin feels extremely soft.

Step Three: The Essence

This product combines three Japanese nutrients…algae which hydrates, rice which nourishes and the antioxidants of green tea. The Essence leaves the skin soft, smooth and glowing and prepares the skin to maximize your moisturizer.

Step Four: Soothing Triple Recovery Cream

I use this product as both a day and night cream. It is formulated specifically for sensitive aging skin, and I fall into both categories. It leaves my skin feeling calm and hydrated. I am prone to dry patches and have not experienced any since using Tatcha.

I am hoping for a long relationship with this brand. The products are a little pricey, but at this stage of my life I use what works. Visit the website ( and learn more about this amazing line. Read the Tatcha story and learn about the inspiration behind it and the partnership with Room to Read which helps to better the world.

Shukufuku (Blessings), Tracy

Beads and Balls and Tassels…Oh My


“The only thing that separates us from the animals is our ability to accessorize” is a great quote from the movie Steel Magnolias, and truer words were never spoken. A great outfit does not live up to its potential without the right accessories. Statement earrings are a great way to take an outfit to the next level. There are three big earring trends right now…beads, balls and tassels. We are sure these will go off trend at some point, but we may not be ready to part with them.


These earrings combine two of the trends with beaded tassels. All are very similar with subtle differences and are offered in many color choices and at different price points. On the left, this offering from Charming Charlie is very reasonably priced at $16.00. We are linking the clip-on and a multi-color choice on the website. The pierced solid color version is not on the website at this time, but the earrings were purchased in the store this week and many color choices were available. The center earring comes from the J Crew Factory and comes in cobalt blue, black & hot pink. These are on sale now for $23.50. We love the J Crew Factory items, but don’t procrastinate…some items don’t last long. The earring on the right comes from one of our favorite accessory retailers…BaubleBar. Similar to the first pair, this option hangs a little shorter than the first two. Though a little more expensive, still reasonably priced at $36.00. What makes this option a great choice is the 27 color options. Yes…we said 27!


These three are examples of different looks for beaded earrings. The beaded black hoops are from J Crew Factory and also come in cobalt blue. These earrings (priced at $24.00) are a great option if you want that on trend beaded look without a long dangle. The stripe pair comes from BaubleBar. We have linked the same pair with a pale aqua bead. This earring looks great dressed up or dressed down and is priced at $38.00. The final pair of earrings offer a multi-color beaded look. These shown were purchased at Target but unfortunately are no longer available, but we are linking a similar pair at BaubleBar and are sale now at the great price of $20.00.


You would have to be living in a cave right now to have not seen all the different options of the three ball dangle earring that is so hot right now! These two pair show a larger with a fish hook wire and smaller with a stud backing. The grey and white earring is Sugarfix by BaubleBar¬† sold by Target. It is offered for the great price of $12.99 and has six color options. The pink earrings are a great size with a length of just two inches, which is a full inch shorter than the grey and white. Lark and Love is one of our favorite accessory websites, and they offer these at just $14.00. The pink is unfortunately sold out right now but it is available grey and mint. Don’t despair…L&L is great about re-stocking.


Now, on to tassels. The earrings on the right were purchased at Target at the beginning of spring and are no longer available. However, Sugarfix by BaubleBar has a very similar option available now that we are linking. Just as most of the Sugarfix pieces, these sell for the very reasonable price of $12.99. The middle earring is also by Sugarfix by BaubleBar (are you noticing we spend a lot of time checking out SFbyBB options?) and is on sale now for just over $9.00. Mint and pink options are also available. The orange tassel was purchased at a local boutique, The Impeccable Pig. The website shows the earrings in white. We are also linking a multi-color tassel choice from both The Impeccable Pig and Lark and Love. These range in price from $17.00-$28.00.


We love all the options we have shown and hope they inspire you to go outside the box and have fun with your accessories. You do not have to make a huge investment…check out the discount stores. The great thing about trends is that most retailers want to cash in on them. Therefore, all price points are easily available.

Summer Sweaters…No Sweat

As we reach the hottest month of the year, considering sweaters as a fashion choice does not seem too appealing…but think again. There are several reasons to love summer sweaters. First…they are almost exclusively 100% cotton which is very breathable and breathable equals less sweat. After 50, less sweat is a biggie!!! Second…a sweater can make shorts or a pair of jeans look more chic. Third…it’s a great change from the endless t-shirts that seem to be the go-to choice during the summer months. Last but not least…when the temperatures get cooler, layer with a jean jacket or blazer and they work for the fall and winter months. Word of advice…take great care of them. We recommend dry cleaning over hand washing. This retains the shape and weave of the garment.

There are two things we really love about this sweater (unfortunately no longer available but here is a similar option)….the color and the side tie detail. Most sweaters are a solid color so a touch of interest make it stand out. This outfit is perfect for lunch to date night or anything in between. The sweater looks great with these fresh hem jeans but would work with regular denim, tailored slacks or shorts. The gold sandals look great but other choices could be heels, wedges or sneakers. Get creative…anything goes!

(sunnies Рhere, tote Рhere, bracelets Рhere , here, here and similar here, necklace Рsimilar here)

The ability to pair this sweater with the full color spectrum makes it (or anything similar) a wardrobe absolute must. We love the look with the paint splatter jeans but try it with regular denim, shorts, slacks or a skirt. The neck and armhole detail is really pretty (a little difficult to see in these pictures due to the light color but the merchant website shows it off beautifully) and adds that pop of interest that any outfit needs. Have fun with it…let your creative juices flow.

(sunnies – similar, earrings – here, bracelets – here and similar here, watch – here, ring – here, sandals – here)