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Daily Archives: August 21, 2017

Tracy Loves Tatcha

As a woman who celebrated her 60th birthday this year, it’s no surprise that one of my obsessions is great skin care. I suffer from the usual issues…lines, wrinkles, dullness, loss of firmness and large pores. If this list gets any longer, I may remove all mirrors from my home. Added to this, I suffer from very sensitive skin. This sensitivity adds a difficult component to my skin care equation. Adverse reactions from products are common (sometimes after using for an extended period) which necessitates the need to change products frequently.

Another obsession of mine is Japan. Alison and I had the privilege of living there in the 70’s when our father’s employer asked him to oversee their first international market. Japan is a beautiful enigma…a combination of bustle and stillness, loud and quiet, hard and soft. It holds a special place in my heart so it is only natural that I am attracted to products coming out of Japan. That is how I discovered Tatcha. Created by Victoria Tsai, it is a combination of ancient Japanese geisha beauty secrets and the modern ease expected by US consumers.


I have been using Tatcha for several months and love it! At this point, I am using the essentials and have not introduced any extra products into my routine. With sensitive skin, you take it slow. I am hoping to ease in the eye and face serums soon. The products I am using are formulated for sensitive aging skin, but there are products for all skin types.

Step One: One Step Camellia Cleansing Oil

Used at night, this product removes all impurities and makeup (including waterproof mascara) easily while hydrating the skin. Due to my sensitivity, I have never found an eye makeup remover that does not dry out my eyelids, resulting in flaking and puffiness. Therefore, I need a makeup remover that is gentle enough for my whole face.

Step Two: Soothing Rice Enzyme Powder

This water activated creamy exfoliant is used after cleansing at night and as the first step in the morning. This product gently cleanses, exfoliates and soothes skin. After using, my skin feels extremely soft.

Step Three: The Essence

This product combines three Japanese nutrients…algae which hydrates, rice which nourishes and the antioxidants of green tea. The Essence leaves the skin soft, smooth and glowing and prepares the skin to maximize your moisturizer.

Step Four: Soothing Triple Recovery Cream

I use this product as both a day and night cream. It is formulated specifically for sensitive aging skin, and I fall into both categories. It leaves my skin feeling calm and hydrated. I am prone to dry patches and have not experienced any since using Tatcha.

I am hoping for a long relationship with this brand. The products are a little pricey, but at this stage of my life I use what works. Visit the website ( and learn more about this amazing line. Read the Tatcha story and learn about the inspiration behind it and the partnership with Room to Read which helps to better the world.

Shukufuku (Blessings), Tracy