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Daily Archives: September 11, 2017

Some Rules Are Made To Be Broken

Growing up, our parents taught their three daughters the importance of following rules. They informed us that rules were made for a reason, and following them showed respect to others and increased the possibility that situations in our lives would run smoothly. Whether it was understanding the logic of what they said or the feeling of guilt when we let them down, we became rule followers. If an entrance to a parking lot says “Exit Only”, we find the entrance, even if the lot is empty and not a car in sight. We count the number of items in our shopping cart before we enter the express lane at the grocery store. And we were never tempted to use our mother’s handicap parking placard unless she was in the car with us.

Fashion rules have morphed over time…you can wear black to a wedding, you don’t have to adopt a short hairstyle after the age of 50, you can wear your brown boots with a black dress. One of the older and more well known rules (especially in the south) is “no white before Easter or after Labor Day”. This is a rule we have no problem breaking. White jeans are a great wardrobe staple of which we both have several options in our closet…skinny, crop, fresh hem, uneven hem. If we give this much closet space to one type of clothing, why would we ignore it eight months of the year? So, here are several ways we style white jeans for fall.


When you start with white jeans and add a chambray shirt and a neutral jacket (similar), you create a style that is classic, comfortable and easy. Mules are huge this year and these black ones are fabulous. We have shown this tote with many outfits because it looks great with so many things. It adds interest to an outfit of neutrals. Alison chose to minimize the accessories, choosing a pair of fun earrings.

Tracy is date night ready by pairing her white skinny jeans with a pink sweater with slit cuffs and shirttail hem. The suede flats (similar) match beautifully with the sweater. An embroidered clutch (similar) and beaded tassel earrings add the punch.

These are just two ways to style white jeans for fall, but the possibilities are endless. Don’t let your white jeans hibernate.