About Us

We are Alison Medlen and Tracy Shamblin, two sisters living in the Dallas area who have always shared an interest in fashion. As we have aged, we have sought a style that is still youthful and fun but age appropriate. This interest stemmed from a beautiful mother who never physically looked or acted her age but dressed older.

As a stay at home mom and a retired accountant, we are now empty nesters who have a casual lifestyle. Our style ranges from classic to bohemian. We dress for how we feel and where we’re going. Although often tempted to leave the house looking like we’re wearing pajamas and forgot where our makeup is located, we realize our days are much better (and we might even be a little more productive) if we make the effort to look our best.

We also have an older sister Cindy (much smarter than us!) in the corporate world who keeps us grounded and laughing. She shares with us a love of good wine and you will have the chance to become acquainted with her on our sister road trips.

We hope you enjoy our blog and go on this adventure with us. We are always learning and evolving so let us know your thoughts and ideas.