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Fall 2017 Trends…Camo

Military personnel and hunters wear camouflage so they blend in. In fashion, the objective is the complete opposite…we wear camo to get noticed. Patterns are a great way to spice up an outfit, and it is a fun pattern. Also, green is not the only color anymore… items can range from tan to pink. When checking out the fall trends, we found camo everywhere. Here is a sample of some of the items that caught our eyes.


If you want to add some interest to a very basic look, then purchase a camo tee. Alison’s tee is offered at for under $15 and is true to size.  This similar tee from Gap is on sale right now for $18.  We are also providing a link to a long sleeve camo top now that the temps have dropped.


This adorable camo dress is available at Zara. The upper fabric is extremely comfy and the faux fur hem takes it to the next level. Throw on some sneakers or dress it up with some black boots…it is very versatile. It runs true to size (Tracy is wearing a medium) but it does hit several inches above the knee.


This utility jacket (offered by Gap) is fabulous. It is lightweight and easy to layer, so it is invaluable from fall through spring. Alison is wearing the medium, but you can always size up to allow for those bulky winter sweaters. Don’t waste any time…it is on sale right now for under $80.


We are in love with these Wit & Wisdom camo jeans from Nordstrom. This line is one of our new discoveries, and we are hooked! The fit is flattering and true to size and the prices are very reasonable. Tracy styled these jeans very casually with just a tee and her favorite sneakers, but dress it up with a black turtleneck and booties. Camo actually works with most colors so be creative.

Remember to have fun with fashion and try something new. If you haven’t worn camo before, just do it! You’ll definitely get noticed.



Bridging the Gap…

The Fierce 50 began as a group connecting bloggers over the age of 50 in an effort to support each other and share ideas. The group has now evolved into Forever Fierce, consisting of women facing midlife and beyond. In an effort to “bridge the gap”, we are partnering with millennial bloggers, to show support of women of all ages through understanding and exchange of ideas and points of view.

“Breaking the mold and creating a brand in this business will grind you down – I’ve cried so many times. I’ve had to leave my friends and family, deal with opportunists, be rejected and start this venture on my own. And even though I’ve shifted my dreams and my platform, I never doubted that this is what I’m meant to do. In the few years I’ve been at this, I’ve learned so much about myself and my vision, which has changed shape many times. I’m determined but still figuring it all out, and I’m OK with that! Just trying to trust the process and embrace the journey.”



With that quote, meet the fabulous Taylor Ferber of She is a millennial blogger willing to bare her soul and put it all out there. A broadcast journalism major from Penn State (who feels she got a whole new education after moving to Hollywood), her agenda is for others, celebrity or not, to do the same.



NYM50 hit the jackpot! Speaking to her on the phone was like talking to a friend. Our conversation made us even more excited about our involvement in this campaign. Her humor and insight drew us in immediately and we  were speaking with the woman that we hoped we were at that stage of life.



Taylor’s original blog was titled Stripping Down Celebs, an attempt to go beyond the usual vanilla flavored questions that journalists asked on the red carpet. She wanted to get through the veneer of celebrity and see the real person underneath. SDC has now evolved into Talk To Me Taylor to present a site that is a “place where we can all get in on real conversations we want, with high-profile people involved as well”. Her message is we all go through the same things and we need to break out of the PC mindset and be raw.



Taylor states she is constantly trying to “figure it out” while navigating love, work and life in young adulthood. This is a theme she visits often since her blog is geared toward millennial women like herself. However, she actually speaks to women of all ages. She feels our generations “often feel so distant, especially because of social media” but wants the opportunity to “explore common feelings and experiences so we feel less alone”. Through our emails and phone conversation, we feel we have found a kindred spirit who understands our vision from a different point of view.



Taylor describes herself as the clichéd “lover of life”, and if you follow her blog and Instagram, you would definitely agree. Her honesty and humor will charm you from the get go. She also describes herself as “outgoing, fearless, warm, personable, funny and try to suck the most out of life that I can” and “a prude” even though she discusses dating and sex a LOT on her site. Let’s face facts…women of all ages like those topics! In describing herself, we felt like she was describing us, so there seemed to be a little social media divine intervention involved. Taking her lead, we are baring our souls…we are admitting to both a girl crush and the desire to adopt her.



This self described stubborn workaholic is a joy! Taylor is the woman we hope we were and hope we still are….Taylor with wrinkles and a muffin top. This pairing has opened our minds and hearts.

Fall 2017 Trends…Jeans

Just as the seasons change, so do fashion trends. When the weather turns cold, it’s fun to head to the nearest mall and see what is in the stores. That’s just what we did last week, and we saw some great trends, and most of these are not subtle. By that, we mean they will get you attention. Over the next few weeks, we will be showcasing some of these trends. Today, we want to talk about jeans….and plain denim is taking a back seat during fall 2017.


By far, the biggest trend is the embroidered jean. You will find these in almost every store and at all price points. The added interest of the embroidery can take an average pair of jeans to something spectacular. This distressed high rise mom jean (yes…the mom jean is back, but it has definitely been revamped) is offered by Top Shop. These are priced a little over $100, which may be more than most want to pay. Below are some less expensive options.

This jean from Zara featuring 3D embroidery and a frayed hem retail for under $70. The cut is very flattering and probably are the most versatile style we saw. The skinny jean can be styled from very casual to date night, working with flats, booties or stilettos. The embroidery is fun but not overpowering.

This skinny boyfriend (also from Zara) is one of our favorites due to its quirkiness. It takes the embroidery embellishment to a new level. These may not be for everyone but they certainly are fun. The retail price is under $70. We have also linked a less expensive option from Old Navy, on sale now for $38.

Velvet is huge…and not just for jeans. They amp up a casual outfit with their rich look. Isn’t is great to still be wearing jeans but feel luxurious?!!!  These by Paige are fabulous! The price point is high (over $200), but there are less expensive options available.

The last trend we saw is the pearl embellished jean….and we are in love!!! After all, what southern women doesn’t love her pearls? These (also from Paige) are very pricey ($349), but possibly worth it because they are gorgeous. We have found some less expensive options…here and here.

You will find these trendy options at almost every retailer…Neiman Marcus, H&M and everything in between. You may not want to spend a lot on a trend, so shop around. Enhance your fall wardrobe and buy into these trends. Increase the fashion interest…enhance the fashion fun.

Stay tuned for more fall 2017 trends. Next…CAMOFLAGE

Wine Festival? Of Course We’re There!

In between Dallas and Fort Worth (and right by DFW Airport) is the great town of Grapevine. This quaint town is known for its historic downtown district. Maintaining the original architecture, it is a wonderful collection of retail, art, restaurants and wine tasting. Anchored on one end of Main Street is the Gaylord Texan Resort, a spectacular hotel with a center atrium and numerous amenities. As a bonus, it is located close to Lake Grapevine…a popular destination during the water sport months in Texas.

True to its name, Grapevine is home to several local wineries. So, it is only natural that the largest wine festival in the southwest is held here. Grapefest, in its 31st year, is a family friendly event that celebrates wines of Texas and some from New York and Canada. Also featured are golf, tennis, carnival rides, live entertainment and enough retail vendors to put a definite dent in your monthly budget. You can also channel Lucy Ricardo and participate in the grape stomp! This festival grows yearly in popularity and attendance.

As you may have noticed, we are self-admitted victims of the grape. We braved the unseasonably hot Texas weather and went to see what all the fuss was about. We will definitely be returning! So, if you live in the DFW area or want to visit, check out this annual event.

Here, we are enjoying the 4 wine flight at the Sloan & Williams Winery Tasting Room. This was a great chance to combine two of our favorite things…wine and air conditioning.

Sister love!!!

We loved sampling wines from the Finger Lakes region of New York at the Liberty Park Wine Experience presented by the Gaylord Texan Resort. Of course, we had to purchase the souvenir glass!


Grapefest was worth braving the heat and we hope to make this an annual event. However, Grapevine is worth the trip any day of the year. We plan to return later this year to visit Ice! at the Gaylord Texan, a walk through attraction (kept at 9 degrees) featuring holiday ice sculptures. So…make the time to have fun and experience new things when you can. Some may be better than others, but when you do it with a sister or friend, it’s never wasted time!


Some Rules Are Made To Be Broken

Growing up, our parents taught their three daughters the importance of following rules. They informed us that rules were made for a reason, and following them showed respect to others and increased the possibility that situations in our lives would run smoothly. Whether it was understanding the logic of what they said or the feeling of guilt when we let them down, we became rule followers. If an entrance to a parking lot says “Exit Only”, we find the entrance, even if the lot is empty and not a car in sight. We count the number of items in our shopping cart before we enter the express lane at the grocery store. And we were never tempted to use our mother’s handicap parking placard unless she was in the car with us.

Fashion rules have morphed over time…you can wear black to a wedding, you don’t have to adopt a short hairstyle after the age of 50, you can wear your brown boots with a black dress. One of the older and more well known rules (especially in the south) is “no white before Easter or after Labor Day”. This is a rule we have no problem breaking. White jeans are a great wardrobe staple of which we both have several options in our closet…skinny, crop, fresh hem, uneven hem. If we give this much closet space to one type of clothing, why would we ignore it eight months of the year? So, here are several ways we style white jeans for fall.


When you start with white jeans and add a chambray shirt and a neutral jacket (similar), you create a style that is classic, comfortable and easy. Mules are huge this year and these black ones are fabulous. We have shown this tote with many outfits because it looks great with so many things. It adds interest to an outfit of neutrals. Alison chose to minimize the accessories, choosing a pair of fun earrings.

Tracy is date night ready by pairing her white skinny jeans with a pink sweater with slit cuffs and shirttail hem. The suede flats (similar) match beautifully with the sweater. An embroidered clutch (similar) and beaded tassel earrings add the punch.

These are just two ways to style white jeans for fall, but the possibilities are endless. Don’t let your white jeans hibernate.


It’s A New Day At Target…Literally

We think it is impossible to not get excited about the launch of a new line at Target. Over the past few years, Target has added some great lines, including Who What Wear and Knox Rose. There have also been some great limited collaborations with lines such as Victoria Beckham and Lily Pulitzer. In true Target fashion (pardon the pun), they are reasonably priced. Which brings us to the newest line…A New Day. The versatility of this line is great….offerings from the most casual to work appropriate. The mix and match pieces can form numerous great outfits or work well with items already in your closet. That is just what we have done below. Check out how we chose to style some great AND pieces…


Goldenrod is a huge color this fall (we are seeing it everywhere!) and A New Day took advantage of that with this great skirt. Lightweight and flattering, it can be dressed casually or dressed up for an evening out. Alison chose the casual route, adding our favorite “perfect” white shirt and jean jacket. For a little punch, a pair of absolutely fabulous mules. Add a black clutch and you’re done. Hard to believe this skirt retails for under $25!!! (sunnies (here))

Another big trend is military. This vest is offered in olive (as shown above) and grey. This is a perfect wardrobe addition that can work with just about anything…add it to a tee shirt dress or switch out jeans for chinos. Tracy paired it with jeans and added a great AND tee shirt. We love a peep toe bootie because they make any outfit look great. Bracelets (here and here) and a long necklace (similar) add a little sparkle. It may be predictable to pair a camo tote with a military vest, but we just had to do it…it adds that final touch of interest.

Alison fell in love with this tan Anorak hooded jacket that is offered in three additional colors. This lightweight jacket is perfect when the weather turns cold and can be layered for warmth or fashion. Just like the vest featured above, it works with jeans or a dress, and just about anything in between. The striped tee, jeans and fabulous boots make this outfit look effortless. Earrings, sunnies and the tote take it from effortless to put together.

If you want to go romantic, lace is a great option. This AND top is beautiful and trust us…you will not be accused of looking like your grandmother’s tablecloth. We love the femininity of the top as well as the versatility. Tracy paired it with jeans and wedges (similar) for a date night look. Add it to tailored slacks and pumps and you are ready for a holiday party. Earrings are the only accessory because a top like this stands on its own. (sunnies (similar))

Hope we have convinced you to check out A New Day at Target. The stores offer a great deal of the line but there are added options online.

Tracy Loves Tatcha

As a woman who celebrated her 60th birthday this year, it’s no surprise that one of my obsessions is great skin care. I suffer from the usual issues…lines, wrinkles, dullness, loss of firmness and large pores. If this list gets any longer, I may remove all mirrors from my home. Added to this, I suffer from very sensitive skin. This sensitivity adds a difficult component to my skin care equation. Adverse reactions from products are common (sometimes after using for an extended period) which necessitates the need to change products frequently.

Another obsession of mine is Japan. Alison and I had the privilege of living there in the 70’s when our father’s employer asked him to oversee their first international market. Japan is a beautiful enigma…a combination of bustle and stillness, loud and quiet, hard and soft. It holds a special place in my heart so it is only natural that I am attracted to products coming out of Japan. That is how I discovered Tatcha. Created by Victoria Tsai, it is a combination of ancient Japanese geisha beauty secrets and the modern ease expected by US consumers.


I have been using Tatcha for several months and love it! At this point, I am using the essentials and have not introduced any extra products into my routine. With sensitive skin, you take it slow. I am hoping to ease in the eye and face serums soon. The products I am using are formulated for sensitive aging skin, but there are products for all skin types.

Step One: One Step Camellia Cleansing Oil

Used at night, this product removes all impurities and makeup (including waterproof mascara) easily while hydrating the skin. Due to my sensitivity, I have never found an eye makeup remover that does not dry out my eyelids, resulting in flaking and puffiness. Therefore, I need a makeup remover that is gentle enough for my whole face.

Step Two: Soothing Rice Enzyme Powder

This water activated creamy exfoliant is used after cleansing at night and as the first step in the morning. This product gently cleanses, exfoliates and soothes skin. After using, my skin feels extremely soft.

Step Three: The Essence

This product combines three Japanese nutrients…algae which hydrates, rice which nourishes and the antioxidants of green tea. The Essence leaves the skin soft, smooth and glowing and prepares the skin to maximize your moisturizer.

Step Four: Soothing Triple Recovery Cream

I use this product as both a day and night cream. It is formulated specifically for sensitive aging skin, and I fall into both categories. It leaves my skin feeling calm and hydrated. I am prone to dry patches and have not experienced any since using Tatcha.

I am hoping for a long relationship with this brand. The products are a little pricey, but at this stage of my life I use what works. Visit the website ( and learn more about this amazing line. Read the Tatcha story and learn about the inspiration behind it and the partnership with Room to Read which helps to better the world.

Shukufuku (Blessings), Tracy

Beads and Balls and Tassels…Oh My


“The only thing that separates us from the animals is our ability to accessorize” is a great quote from the movie Steel Magnolias, and truer words were never spoken. A great outfit does not live up to its potential without the right accessories. Statement earrings are a great way to take an outfit to the next level. There are three big earring trends right now…beads, balls and tassels. We are sure these will go off trend at some point, but we may not be ready to part with them.


These earrings combine two of the trends with beaded tassels. All are very similar with subtle differences and are offered in many color choices and at different price points. On the left, this offering from Charming Charlie is very reasonably priced at $16.00. We are linking the clip-on and a multi-color choice on the website. The pierced solid color version is not on the website at this time, but the earrings were purchased in the store this week and many color choices were available. The center earring comes from the J Crew Factory and comes in cobalt blue, black & hot pink. These are on sale now for $23.50. We love the J Crew Factory items, but don’t procrastinate…some items don’t last long. The earring on the right comes from one of our favorite accessory retailers…BaubleBar. Similar to the first pair, this option hangs a little shorter than the first two. Though a little more expensive, still reasonably priced at $36.00. What makes this option a great choice is the 27 color options. Yes…we said 27!


These three are examples of different looks for beaded earrings. The beaded black hoops are from J Crew Factory and also come in cobalt blue. These earrings (priced at $24.00) are a great option if you want that on trend beaded look without a long dangle. The stripe pair comes from BaubleBar. We have linked the same pair with a pale aqua bead. This earring looks great dressed up or dressed down and is priced at $38.00. The final pair of earrings offer a multi-color beaded look. These shown were purchased at Target but unfortunately are no longer available, but we are linking a similar pair at BaubleBar and are sale now at the great price of $20.00.


You would have to be living in a cave right now to have not seen all the different options of the three ball dangle earring that is so hot right now! These two pair show a larger with a fish hook wire and smaller with a stud backing. The grey and white earring is Sugarfix by BaubleBar  sold by Target. It is offered for the great price of $12.99 and has six color options. The pink earrings are a great size with a length of just two inches, which is a full inch shorter than the grey and white. Lark and Love is one of our favorite accessory websites, and they offer these at just $14.00. The pink is unfortunately sold out right now but it is available grey and mint. Don’t despair…L&L is great about re-stocking.


Now, on to tassels. The earrings on the right were purchased at Target at the beginning of spring and are no longer available. However, Sugarfix by BaubleBar has a very similar option available now that we are linking. Just as most of the Sugarfix pieces, these sell for the very reasonable price of $12.99. The middle earring is also by Sugarfix by BaubleBar (are you noticing we spend a lot of time checking out SFbyBB options?) and is on sale now for just over $9.00. Mint and pink options are also available. The orange tassel was purchased at a local boutique, The Impeccable Pig. The website shows the earrings in white. We are also linking a multi-color tassel choice from both The Impeccable Pig and Lark and Love. These range in price from $17.00-$28.00.


We love all the options we have shown and hope they inspire you to go outside the box and have fun with your accessories. You do not have to make a huge investment…check out the discount stores. The great thing about trends is that most retailers want to cash in on them. Therefore, all price points are easily available.

Summer Sweaters…No Sweat

As we reach the hottest month of the year, considering sweaters as a fashion choice does not seem too appealing…but think again. There are several reasons to love summer sweaters. First…they are almost exclusively 100% cotton which is very breathable and breathable equals less sweat. After 50, less sweat is a biggie!!! Second…a sweater can make shorts or a pair of jeans look more chic. Third…it’s a great change from the endless t-shirts that seem to be the go-to choice during the summer months. Last but not least…when the temperatures get cooler, layer with a jean jacket or blazer and they work for the fall and winter months. Word of advice…take great care of them. We recommend dry cleaning over hand washing. This retains the shape and weave of the garment.

There are two things we really love about this sweater (unfortunately no longer available but here is a similar option)….the color and the side tie detail. Most sweaters are a solid color so a touch of interest make it stand out. This outfit is perfect for lunch to date night or anything in between. The sweater looks great with these fresh hem jeans but would work with regular denim, tailored slacks or shorts. The gold sandals look great but other choices could be heels, wedges or sneakers. Get creative…anything goes!

(sunnies – here, tote – here, bracelets – here , here, here and similar here, necklace – similar here)

The ability to pair this sweater with the full color spectrum makes it (or anything similar) a wardrobe absolute must. We love the look with the paint splatter jeans but try it with regular denim, shorts, slacks or a skirt. The neck and armhole detail is really pretty (a little difficult to see in these pictures due to the light color but the merchant website shows it off beautifully) and adds that pop of interest that any outfit needs. Have fun with it…let your creative juices flow.

(sunnies – similar, earrings – here, bracelets – here and similar here, watch – here, ring – here, sandals – here)

White Shirts…If It Ain’t Broke Don’t Fix It!

In our last post we talked about the clothing item which took up the least amount of space in our closets.  Well this post we are talking about the item which takes up probably the most space (after denim, of course)…the white shirt.  In all its forms the white shirt is perfection.  It can be dressed up or dressed down, worn as a blank slate for statement accessories or worn just to help you feel cool when it is a hundred degrees outside.  By looking back at all our insta posts and Instagram Looks on our site, it is clearly evident how much we love white shirts.

A crisp white tie blouse (similar) is shown here with light blue shorts and flip flops.  It is such an easy look for running errands in the summer.  There are times when even though we are just trying to get things done we don’t want to wear workout clothes and this fits the bill perfectly. By pairing a white shirt with shorts you feel put together with very little effort! (Sunnies (similar), bracelets (here and here))

This silk blouse (similar here and here) was purchased last year and remains a favorite.  Paired here with seamed leggings it looks classic is perfect for that in-between casual and formal occasion.  We have been known to even rock this look at cocktail parties but throw this top on (half tucked) with a pair of your favorite denim and it is the perfect date night outfit! (shoes, bracelets (here and here), watch, ring, necklaces (similar here, here and here), sunnies (similar))

Maybe our favorite look of all time.  The classic white blouse.  We have shown this blouse several times before and no doubt it will be featured again many many many times! This is without question our favorite and pair it with favorite denim in any color and in any form (distressed, boyfriend, girlfriend, skinny, etc.) and it is a winning, go to outfit.  (sunnies, necklaces (in addition to those listed above, similar here and here), bracelets (here, here, here, here and here), watch, shoes)

The white shirt, it definitely ain’t broke!!